We always wondered why the Apple Watch® never sat as it should on the wrist. The idea is to see your watch naturally, but none of the many watch accessories seemed to solve the issue of always tilting your wrist, or straining your neck just to see the screen. Because of that our founders took on the DIY challenge and created a clip device themselves to help — TILT.


We’ve patented and perfected TILT after a ton of meetings and consultations, and it’s really neat we think. Our story is simple like our product, and that works for us!

–Bridger Bell, Founder, TILT Band



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Our patent details how TILT takes advantage of a previously underutilized part of the human body called the "anatomical snuffbox." Our elegant, patented solution repositions the watch face on the narrow side (lateral radial surface) of your wrist and/or over the anatomical snuffbox at the base of your thumb.

TILT™ products are patented.

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